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Utilize Zoho Creator’s Specialized Nonprofit Management Software-Streamlir Fundraising Event Planning and Volunteer Communication to Amplify the impacts of Your Programs.

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Nonprofit operations

What are the benefits of digitizing nonprofit operations?

The need for openness is one of the main challenges that the majority of charitable organizations face, regardless of their size or their objective. Lack of technology makes it difficult to organize events, solicit sponsors and donations, and more. The digital transformation allows organizations to streamline information, simplify communications, and automate procedures in addition to helping to increase community participation.

Create Your Custom Nonprofit Management Software with Zoho Creator

Intuitive drag-and-drop visual builders and guided scripting make Zoho Creator an ideal low-code application development platform for creating robust nonprofit administration systems.

Use our cloud-based nonprofit administration software to effortlessly manage your organization’s day-to-day activities, such as donor management and event reminder distribution. To make an even bigger impact, start with one of our prebuilt applications or create a comprehensive solution quickly and easily with minimal to no coding.

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Zoho Creator with a Purpose

Do you serve on the staff of an organization whose work has a meaningful impact on the world around you? If you want Zoho Creator to power your cause, you need to tell us about it.

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Non Profit Mangement

Why you should use the Zoho Creator Non-Profit Applications
for management purposes

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Budget Friendly

Pick a package that fits your budget, and we'll handle everything from platform updates and bug fixes to the addition of new features and the upkeep of your app.

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Intelligent and perceptive

You may make your own app without having to pay for an expensive development team that includes engineers and user interface designers.

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Smooth Transfer

Using our in-built solutions, importing data from spreadsheets or other database programs is a breeze.

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You can make modifications to your app whenever you like, and there won't be any extra charges.

Essentials of nonprofit management

The crucial apps you need to run your nonprofit organization have already been
constructed all you have to do is install them, adjust them to your needs, and you’re
good to go!

Volunteer Administration

Make a contribution to the community by using this volunteer management tool.

Donor Administration

Engage, and fundraise

Event Coordination

Create hassle-free events from anywhere.

Using Zoho Creator, you can create custom software for managing nonprofit organizations, allowing you to focus on what's essential.

Frequent Requested Information

Digitalization has the same positive effects on non-profits as it does on any other type of organization, including improved efficiency, backup, and portability. This is why it's crucial for NGOs to implement technological solutions for running their operations as smoothly as possible.

The following are examples of some of the most useful applications for nonprofits:

  • Solutions for Coordinating Volunteers
  • Solutions for managing donations
  • Methods of Raising Money
  • Software for organizing events
  • Solutions for Fund Accounting

Nonprofits have a special responsibility to maintain high standards of excellence in the services they offer the public. They need secure funding and access to appropriate equipment to accomplish their goals. Which means economical and adaptable charity administration software.

Low-code platforms allow for speedy app creation and digital transformation. Because of its user-friendliness, pre-made solutions, and adaptability, low-code platforms like Zoho Creator are a good fit for nonprofit organizations.

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