Zoho Projects, a cloud-based project management software, helps you plan your projects, track work efficiently and collaborate with your team, wherever they are.

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Zoho Projects is the ultimate project management tool

Zoho Projects is the ultimate project management tool and is used by over a million businesses worldwide!

Plan projects with milestones, tasklists and tasks, get in-depth insights with Gantt charts, collaborate with social project management track time, fixes and automate tasks!

The list goes on. 

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Some of Zoho Projects’ killer features

Easy Project Planning

With Zoho Projects you can easily plan projects thanks to its wide range of planning tools like milestones, taskslists and tasks. You can break down complex tasks into managable bitesized chunks.

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Visual Data Analytics

With the use of Gantt charts you can get a visual overview on the schedule and the progress. You can record and manage critical tasks by adding dependancies and set baselines.

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These days we’re able to use the power of social features to improve collaboration and engagement from the staff in projects. Employees, clients and vendors can all work together in Projects

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Time Tracking

There are a huge range of time-related options in Zoho Projects. Budget time, set deadlines, use timers or manual input to log billable and non-billable time and use Zoho Invoice integration to send invoices!

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Automate Tasks

If there is something that you’re doing over and over, regardless if it’s simple or complex, automation might be the answer. Visualise and deploy automation processes with a drag-and-drop interface

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Track and Fix Issues

Use Projects to log issues and track them as they’re fixed and tested. You can even create custom workflows and business rules and enjoy integration with GitHub and Bitbucket!

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  • Plan your projects
  • Track work efficiently
  • Collaboration with team
  • Task Management
  • Charts and Reports
  • Project Administration
  • Gantt Chat
  • Mobile Project management App

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