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We are leading Zoho Platform Solutions Provider that specializes in delivering successful projects for Small, Medium and Large Scale Enterprises that will allow to scale and grow their businesses. No matter where you are in your journey from startup to enterprise, we can help

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Fully skilled and equipped team is here with the ZOHO ONE platform. FAIRCHANCE facilitates its customers to consult free and find an optimized design for your business with all the required customization. For the need of backend organization, 50 plus products are here with all of their automation.

ZOHO will prove the best solution to fulfill your need properly. A wide range of ZOHO products, each of which can be customized to meet your specific needs, are here to boost your business. Our Professional consultants are available here to guide and serve you to choose the best option. You will enjoy examining the extraordinary features of ZOHO. It will give another boost of your business and expectations as well.

Our Services


We offer Data Migration Services from Other CRM Systems to Zoho for our valuable clients and ensure its completion with 100% accuracy of data, which saves their time by reducing their manual work and give them go ahead signal with newly adopted Zoho Apps. A data migration project can be a challenge.


Developing your bottom-line is continuously a need. And nothing develops your bottom-line like a beneficial relationship together with your customers. A master Zoho Expert will assist you expand Zoho CRM to oversee your connections together with your clients, driving to productive comes about.


Our core objective is to help senior management team drive growth by aligning Zoho System Applications with your business strategies and business processes. Our Business and Technology Consultants strive to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Owners and senior management.


At FAIRCHANCE FOR CRM we deliver software integration services, focusing on creating new business values, and improving IT infrastructure. We offer tech advisory, custom development, custom and ready-made APIs and software solutions integration. Core Integration services are relating.


As an Advance Zoho partner, we offer Zoho One implementation solution for your business to enhance business performance, amplify productivity, get proven profit's overinvestment. We offer through Certified Zoho Developers / Consultants best-in-class Zoho One implementation services.


We help your staff to ceaselessly improve your Zoho framework by giving continuous support, updates, and guidance. Zoho continuously rolls out new functionality. We can assist you to continuously use the most cutting edge, best fit technology in your CRM. This guarantees your Zoho applications.

Our Values

We get the work done on time, agreeing to the most elevated quality benchmarks and inside your budget. We put extraordinary accentuation on collaboration and consistent communication.

With our multidisciplinary group, we continuously have imaginative arrangements for your trade torments and needs. Our inventive approach combines imagination; frameworks and trade intuition to construct arrangements that fathom your trade complex issues and take your trade to the following level.

Collectively, our group has over 5 a long time of encounters in Data Innovation, specialized and trade consultancy. Our track record incorporates large-scale ventures in different trade divisions and businesses.

FAIRCHANCE FOR CRM endeavors to construct believe with its clients. We accept building believe isn’t as it were by getting authorized by a well-known firm like BBB, but moreover by centering on setting up a long-term relationship and organization with our clients and clients.

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What Our Clients Say

Mislav Kemec CEO at CanDo d.o.o.

‘Genuine Zoho creator expert’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about “FAIRCHANCE FOR CRM”. It was my pleasure to work with them. Thank you!!!

Chris Poulton Director of Membership

Worked with “FAIRCHANCE FOR CRM” on 2 projects now both on time and in the budget. Just agreed on a third project. I look forward to working with him in the future.

Aram Piruzyan Director at DeckMart Building

I strongly recommend "FAIRCHANCE FOR CRM” for ZOHO applications, including ZOHO creator. Knowledgeable, professional.

Thiago Antunes Founder at OpenBoxMobile

I have hired “FAIRCHANCE FOR CRM” for 3 complex zoho projects and I can guarantee that is very competent. All projects were completed on time.

Salvador Garcia CEO

“FAIRCHANCE FOR CRM” is genuine Zoho One expert. I have assigned them very complex tasks relating to Zoho Books, Inventory, CRM and Creator he did great job.

Paul Preston President at iCertifi

We have had the pleasure to work with “FAIRCHANCE FOR CRM” for multiple project surrounding our CRM and associated modules. They are very easy to communicate.

Anthony Piggott Founder & Technical Director of Elmtronics & Hubsta.

I recommend "FAIRCHANCE FOR CRM” for Zoho CRM and Zoho CRM development they carried out an excellent high quality.

Carlo Rosito da Silva advogado na Mester e Sandoval Acv

I've requested a few jobs to "FAIRCHANCE FOR CRM" for Zoho Creator apps. He has delivered everyone as expected.

Suzanne Anne Santos Customer Success Manager at Streamlined Communications

Thank you for helping us from scratch! “FAIRCHANCE FOR CRM” help us to import data from Salesforce to Zoho CRM, setting up Zoho CRM.

Gale Yocom Strong Fitness & Fun

“FAIRCHANCE FOR CRM” truly believes in Customer Service and delivering the as promised. Their team have diligent and works of extremely

Debbie Burgermeister Equestrian Centre Owner/GM/Instructor

“FAIRCHANCE FOR CRM” developed a chatbot in Zoho for my WordPress website through Sales IQ and spend time to understand my needs.

daniele pol Chief Operating Officer presso Braga Group

High competence and skills on the whole Zoho suite. I gave “FAIRCHANCE FOR CRM” some extremely complex tasks; they demonstrated great problem.

Romildo Marranci Romildo Marranci Founder/Shared and Dedicated commercial kitchen

I am extremely happy with the service provided by “FAIRCHANCE FOR CRM” as it reflects and exceeds my expectations. I would surely work with them again.

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